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We're Back!

By Barrett

Just got back from a conference in Palm Springs--the 5th Anniversary Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference. In addition to a real abundance of wonderful meals, snacks, and some…adult beverages, we had interesting panels, presentations, and great readings.

But the one that motivated me to get off the couch (so to speak) was from the exuberant Shawn Marie. She single-handedly lit a fire under our collective derrieres about the importance of social media for writers. Ergo...

I will be getting more involved in keep my readers and friends apprised of my progress. I will also be immersed in writing for 30 Days, courtesy of our friends at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month).

Please come back for stories!  (Photo: what it looked like when the gas gauge said "empty' coming back from Palm Springs in the HUGE desert in Arizona.)

Barrett's newest release Highland Dew is set for Spring 2018 release. Check out her other books, Balefire and The Dreamcatcher out now!