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  • SKU:
  • 70
  • By:
  • Genta Sebastian
  • Book Type:
  • Ebook

When Butches Cry

Traf competes with men, wears male clothing, and steals their jobs. A fighter, damn the consequences, she’s totally unsuited to the mundane role of a mid-twentieth century Azorean woman. As a maria rapaz, a tomboy with sinful inclinations, her future depends on escaping the old-world island of Terceira. No matter what it takes, Traf’s going to America where women can do as they like, make their own money, and live without the permission of men. She’s got no time for ‘good’ women who try to conform.


Insecure, convinced she’s hopelessly inadequate, Ana shyly joins the group calling themselves Troublemakers, a private club for maria rapazes and the women who love them. The pretty, golden-haired young woman could have her pick of lovers, but her heart yearns for the mischievous butch with the dark, brooding eyes. Fascinated by Traf since they were schoolgirls together, Ana knows it’s hopeless; how could such a strong, capable, passionate woman ever love her?


Gossiping women, egotistical men, Catholic priests, the US Air Force, and even their families, thwart them at every turn. Fighting for their right to exist in peace, Traf, Ana, and the other Troublemakers create a thriving subculture in a hostile world. And no matter what happens, there’s something they all know for sure; a butch never cries.