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The Kiva and The Mosque

The Kiva and The Mosque

In a troubled world, answers rarely come from where they are expected.  The need for answers to save a troubled humanity forces Kidwell Brown and Aisha Sudda, two total strangers, into roles they never could have anticipated.  Kidwell and her life-partner, Anna Montoya, live a quiet life in their mountain home until the day Kidwell is drawn to visit the ceremonial cave at Bandelier National Monument.  Hundreds of miles away, Aisha Sudda Fletcher lives another quiet existence, along with her husband, Greg, until the day she is drawn to visit a garden beside a vandalized mosque.

On that day, both Kidwell and Aisha are chosen.  These humble women soon learn that the time of prophets has not yet passed.  During mystical moments, each woman is given a message – “Desert Lightning has no power” to Kidwell, and “The scimitar has no edge,” to Aisha.  They each pass along the message as instructed, neither realizing they have predicted important moments in world history.

Their mystical guides direct the women to “find their allies,” and so the lives of Kidwell, Aisha, Anna and Greg are forever intertwined.  They will face victory and exile, mystery and certainty.

In the end the very nature of humanity proves to be the world in which they must fight and survive.

As an unabashed advocate for the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community in places were being different was dangerous, Kayt honed her skill in standing her ground and doing the right thing. Her entertaining and thought-provoking novels offer readers a rich banquet of characters, settings and scenarios that leave us both satisfied and wanting more.

                                                --- Best-selling author Anne Hillerman