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  • SKU:
  • 64
  • By:
  • S.Y. Thompson
  • Book Type:
  • Ebook

The Flaw in Logic

This romantic adventure follows Commander R’cey Hawke, bounty hunter. She leads a mission to a backwater world to retrieve one of the Amalgam’s most wanted. When her space vessel crash lands, R’cey must work with a group of locals who believe in magic, of all things. R’cey soon finds herself on an epic quest that takes her across unbelievable realms. Battles with harpies, imps, golems, and the Demon Aamon, open her eyes to possibilities other than her own version of reality.

Princess Thalia Dumont’s pact with an assassin has an unexpected result. That ill-conceived bargain forces her on a dangerous journey. King Lotar lies under a dark spell and Thalia must find the cure. Along the way, she meets an off-world stranger who will change how she sees the universe.