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The DragonWitch Tales - An Unexpected Beginning

Death ignited her powers. Love binds them. 


Paisley’s normal, boring life is shattered one evening when a strange, but sexy woman appears out of thin air in her living room and claims Paisley as her wife. Things spiral out of control when Paisley is  informed by her mother that she is a witch that comes from a long line of witches, that other realms exist, and that the strange woman really is her wife.


As her choices slip from her grasp, Paisley must learn to navigate her new life, a new world, and a new wife. As if that wasn’t enough, Paisley must deal with a growing attraction for a new woman in her life. Throw in a dragon egg, an angry queen, a traitor, and Paisley realizes she’s going to have to learn to watch every move she makes.


As the push and pull between two women and her powers reach a standoff, Paisley makes a choice that will change the course of her life and the future of the world she calls home even if that means destroying her own happiness in the process.