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  • By:
  • Lin Phillippi
  • Book Type:
  • Ebook

Soiled - A Shannon Patrick Landscape Mystery

Landscape designer Shannon Patrick lives in Palm Springs with her wife of many years, Karen, a collectibles dealer, and Mooch and Bailey, their two idiosyncratic cats. Shannon has intervened in previous predicaments that affected her friends, so when she arrives for a client appointment only to discover the massive door to the huge home wide open, broken glass and blood on the floor and her client nowhere to be found, long-suffering Karen knows she?s in for it.


Along her investigative way Shannon meets a mysterious beauty, witnesses strange events at the neighboring estate, uncovers a Native American artifact counterfeit scheme, encounters a stunning local police officer and her equally gorgeous wife, and in her spare time intervenes in a friend?s highly risky gambling addiction. Amid escalating peril, she and the increasingly dismayed Karen find themselves locked in a storage unit run by the Bikers for Jesus motorcycle club all of which leads to a climactic scene of Shannon fighting for her life with the aid of Karen and the inestimable feline talents of Mooch and Bailey.


Don't miss, Soiled, first in a series featuring one of the most engaging sleuths you'll ever want to meet.