Author - Mary M. Wright

Mary M. Wright lives in Minneapolis. She studied both creative writing and visual arts at the University of Minnesota. She has been a painter for 20 years, during which time she also had a greeting card business and a housecleaning business. In ’09 she started the novel that became The French Way, based on her misadventures as a young student in France. She is working on a YA magical realism novel called Twin Helix.

A book addict, the kind of stories she’s always preferred have to do with travel, culture shock and metamorphosis (excluding the one by Kafka where the character wakes up a cockroach). Mary just can’t resist a good story about someone rebuilding her life from scratch. Maybe these themes come out of growing up in a Polish immigrant family, all four of her grandparents having come over on the boat. You’ll find them in her books as well.

Mary lives with her wife Layne, a Maine Coon cat called Big Boy, and a small Shi Tzu dog called Fred.