Author - Lorraine Howell

Lorraine Howell and her wife, Sweetie, live on the face of the sun in South Florida. She has three grown children, two boys and a girl and four grandchildren, three girls and a boy. They are also surrounded by a very fluffy long haired German Shepherd named Cricket, an overweight, min-pin with an attitude named Juno and a screechy black and white cat named Max. She also talks to dead people. Seriously!

Lorraine Howell is the writer of the highly successful blog "The Happy Lesbian Housewife." It has been said that if Erma Bombeck and Chelsa Handler had a love child, Lorraine would be that child. Her sense of humor with leave you clutching your side. Look for Lorraine's second novel in The Happy Lesbian Housewife series in 2017.